Teresa Procaccini

img_0437My colleague, a bassoon player, came to me the other day in a state of frenzy expressing his amazement of the Italian composer Teresa Procaccini. Let’s see who she is!

TERESA PROCACCINI (1934-) Italian organist, composer and educator in composition. Her output is enormous, over 200 works to this day and counting, and as you might imagine for all sorts of instruments and ensembles. Apart from the usual commissions such as operas, symphonic works and chamber music, she has also a number of praised opuses in the educational genres – both aimed for young musicians to play and to hear. Her music can also be heard accompanying several TV productions.

More info on her website!
Sheet music here.

Suggested listening:
– The woodwind quintet Clown Music (it was this piece my colleague was so excited about)
– Un cavallino avventuroso a music fable for orchestra and narrator

På svenska: En kollega ramlade in härom dagen och utropade hyllningar och jubelrop över den italienska kompositören Teresa Procaccini (1934-) så det får bli veckans tips! Huvudinstrumentet är orgel, men är internationellt aktad som kompositör, och som lärare i komposition. Lyssningstips! Kammarmusik: Clown Music för blåsarkvintett (det var detta verk som kollegan var så exalterad över). Orkester: Un cavallino avventuroso, musikfabel för orkester.

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